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Micellar Casein is a type of protein derived from milk. Micellar Casein, which is the best type of casein protein available due to it being naturally occurring, is made up of 80% casein, and 20% whey. It is a very slow acting protein that releases its amino acids over a period of 6-7 hours.

Just like whey protein, micellar casein protein is derived from milk, predominantly from cow’s milk, and is an incredibly popular bodybuilding supplement. Unlike whey protein however, micellar casein protein is a slow-release, slow-digesting protein. Whereas whey comes from milk protein liquids left over when milk turns into cheese, the casein is actually predominantly found in the milk curds which are the solids. Micellar basically means that the protein has been naturally separated from the milk without the use of chemicals. The protein has been filtered in a special way so that the nutrients remain intact and in the best possible condition. Because of this top quality extraction method, micellar casein is top of the line protein that is packed full of its natural nutrients and goodness.

Health Canada Recommended Dose (powder): Adults: 1 scoop (30g) 3 times per day. Mix product well in 1-2 cups of liquid (water, juice, etc.) immediately before consumption. Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during, and after exercise.

Hydrolyzed casein protein is basically a casein protein that has been filtered and processed slightly differently. The protein molecules have been “pre-digested” making them easier to be absorbed, thus increasing the bioavailability. As this speeds up the absorption rates, some people see this as a waste of time, as the idea behind casein is that it is absorbed slower than usual.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits associated with Micellar Casein, and whilst listing them all may be a bit of a stretch, we can look at some of the most common and most important benefits. These include:

Sometimes, we simply don’t have the time to eat, and when trying to build muscle, this can be a real pain. By consuming a micellar protein shake however, you are covered for several hours as your body will have all of the protein, amino acids, and nutrients it could ever need.

As mentioned, after a strenuous workout, our muscles need plenty of protein and amino acids in order to function correctly and repair themselves. Protein is essential for protein synthesis, and as we do most of our growing at night when we sleep, we need to know we have enough nutrients required. Micellar casein provides a slow and steady release of protein and amino acids, keeping you in an anabolic state as you sleep.

Casein protein is digested slowly, while whey protein digested quickly. This is an important difference between these two popular dairy proteins.

Casein is well known as a “time-release” protein because of its slow absorption rate in the gut. This means that it feeds your cells with amino acids at a low level over a long period of time.

Like other animal proteins, casein is a complete protein source. That means it provides all the essential amino acids your body needs for growth and repair.

It releases amino acids slowly, so people often take it before bed to help with recovery and reduce muscle breakdown while they sleep.

Another huge benefit of these supplements is the fact that they taste so great and are so filling. If you get a late night craving for something sweet, simply mix yourself up a casein protein shake before going to bed, and your sweet craving will be satisfied, plus you’ll feel full as well.







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