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ZMA is a supplement made of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. Benefits of it include an improved immune system, increased testosterone levels, and fat loss.

ZMA is basically a supplement comprised of a selection of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. It has been specially formulated using bioavailable ingredients to help athletes and physically active individuals from losing these essential nutrients as they exercise. These ingredients are all essential for a number of important biological processes within the human body, yet despite this, more than 40% of all adults are deficient in at least one of these ingredients. On top of that, as mentioned, frequent exercise can result in a loss of these nutrients, so replacing them is absolutely vital.

Recommended Dose (capsules): Adults: 3 capsules once per day. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products.

So, you’re probably wondering why people don’t just simply purchase a zinc supplement and a magnesium supplement and use them individually. ZMA uptakes have been found to be much quicker than when supplementing individually, plus on top of that, ZMA supplements have been found to yield much more impressive strength and athletic performance boosting effects than a zinc and magnesium supplement alone. The vitamin B6 is also a very important factor as it helps boost immunity and general health and well-being in the process.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits associated with ZMA, and whilst listing them all may be a bit of a stretch, we can look at some of the most common and most important benefits. These include:

Studies have also revealed that ZMA supplementation could help to greatly increase a person’s natural testosterone levels, which in turn, will provide countless other benefits. Testosterone is essential for fertility and libido, as well as for muscle growth, strength, athletic ability, and recovery. By increasing your ZMA consumption, you can therefore help increase natural testosterone production, which will provide numerous benefits.

As mentioned, ZMA plays a vital role in countless internal processes, including in the functioning of the immune system. Studies however, have found that ZMA supplementation can help prevent oxidative stress on the body and can help to boost immunity. The main ingredient responsible for this is the Zinc, though the others are still hugely beneficial. The stronger your immune system, the fitter and healthier you will be as a result.

Another great reason to supplement with ZMA is the fact that it assists with fat loss. To begin with, the ingredients all play a key role in a person’s basic metabolic function, which basically means that the supplement will help boost the metabolism. Not only that, but ZMA supplements also help promote healthy thyroid function, which in turn means that the more active the thyroid is, the more efficient their metabolisms will become as a result.

Obviously if your metabolism is more efficient than usual, you will be burn more calories, and convert them into energy much easier. This means that ZMA supplements can help to increase your energy levels, which in turn will make workouts and exercise more efficient.







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